About Me

I am a software developer from Pune, India. I strive to create good programs by adhering to the three pillars of quality, functionality and scalability. I also cherish the ideas of code reuse and minimalist computing. I contribute to many open-source projects and enjoy sharing my knowledge and source code, along with helping people with their issues.


5 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Hi Prahalad,
    Good Morning, Today I was on linkdn and came across your blog. Simply superb , Keep it up . Love you unknown friend.
    Thanks lot for sharing the information.

    Vakharia M J

  2. Hi ,

    You are my last hope ! I am Caron from Mauritius and trying desperately to convert my Dell Vostro 1510 laptop with Mint 17 Quinana 64 bit into a hotspot . When trying your commands , either I can’t hotspot package or I get no output at all ! Can you help please ?
    And thank you for your so valuable contributions that represents the light of Deepavali !

    Mauritius-Rodrigues Island
    Indian Ocean

    1. First of all, make sure that your machine supports infrastructure wifi mode by using the process described in the article.
      Also make sure that python is installed.
      If both conditions are fulfilled, then make sure that you have got the hostapd package installed for Mint distro.
      Let me know whether it works after that.

  3. Hi,

    I found this very interesting post :


    Then I posted the following post to put you in the picture…lol :

    ” Thank you for this very useful post because at last , the android smartphone sees the hotspot created with your method.
    But I use Mint 17 Quiana 64 bits and to connect, I often use an usd huawei dongle . Can I and how do I create a hotspot on my laptop so that my android smartphone ( and later eventually android tablet ) can connect to the internet through the usb internet dongle via my laptop ?

    Thank you so much for your unvaluable help

    Rodrigues Island
    Republic of Mauritius “

  4. hey.. sir i need to transfer data between 2 laptops using wi-fi… can you tell mi what knowledge i need to have to do so? please need help ASAP.

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